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Whether you want to remove the stumps in your yard or you need regular tree maintenance services for your landscape, Chipmunk Tree Services is the arborist and tree surgeon to call. We provide quality care services that keep your trees looking great at all times!

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With our in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment, Chipmunk Tree Services can undertake all kinds of tree and garden work. Our comprehensive range of tree care programs includes tree surgery and hedge care as well as inspection and general health evaluation of the plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard.

Our Specialities

Tree Health Care

Diagnosing the health of trees and shrubs as well as assessing structural defects such as wounds, cankers, and decays are paramount to maintaining a beautiful garden. Chipmunk Tree Services performs on-site examinations that can help you mitigate damage and secure the lush greenery of your yard!

Tree Removal

We all love trees. However, sometimes it is wise to have them removed for reasons such as a contagious disease and hazards, or even a poor location. If you need a tree removed, then trust the experts at Chipmunk Tree Services to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Tree Pruning

Trees and shrubs require regular pruning. Plant health, hazard protection, aesthetics, and safety are some of the reasons to responsibly prune the plants in your yard! Chipmunk Tree Services employs state-of-the-art pruning equipment to ensure that all the plants are pruned properly!

Brush Removal

Brush removal is necessary for many new properties or areas with heavy vegetation. Clearing this natural debris will greatly increase the appearance of the landscape. Easily take on and plan a gardening project or enjoy the clean aesthetic once we clear the way. 

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most economical and time-efficient technique of removing unsightly stumps protruding from the ground. With our manoeuvrable grinding equipment, it is easily done. The wood chip mulch that remains after grinding can be used in the garden to improve the condition of the soil!


When you expect the best quality tree care services for your landscape, choose arborists and tree surgeons that specialize in rigging. We are experienced climbers that come with top-notch rigging tools to offer exemplary tree care services at highly competitive prices.

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